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Henrik Fisker Teases a $300k Sports Car For the Detroit Auto Show

(Credit: © Henrik Fisker)

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Henrik Fisker Teases a $300k Sports Car For the Detroit Auto Show

Force 1

Force 1 (Credit: © Henrik Fisker)

Henrik Fisker is at it again, as he has just started teasing a new sports car that’ll debut in Detroit in January. In anticipation of its launch, Fisker released a few details and a teaser sketch of the sports car, which he dubbed the Force 1.

In terms of appearance, the teaser image gives away a good bit. Look for a long hood and fastback rear end, flared fenders to swallow those 21-inch rollers wrapped up in Pirelli P Zero rubber, and Ultra Thin Ventilated laser blade taillights. To help keep heft to a minimum, Fisker claims that the entire body will be crafted of carbon fiber.

Details of the interior are understandably thin, as the only information given is that it’ll be luxurious and have room for just two people.

Powertrain details are also still under pretty tight lock and key, but Fisker did give us a little information to work with. The Force 1 will come with one of the world’s most powerful naturally aspirated engines, according to Fisker, but he did not elaborate on its specific output. This engine will be front-mid mounted, and it’ll mate to a six-speed manual transmission as standard that delivers power to the rear wheels. Optionally, buyers can go with a paddle-shift auto.

The only detail available about the chassis is that the Force 1 will come with an active suspension system.

Fisker will reportedly launch this new sports car in April 2016, and he plans to produce a maximum of 50 units. Each of these 50 units will run about $300,000.

Let’s just hope this is a unique car that Fisker can actually build, and not a modified version of an existing car – a la the Thunderbolt – that will result in a lawsuit that stops production. Stay tuned for more details.

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