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Grandma Freaks At Tesla AutoPilot Demonstration

(Credit: YouTube)

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Grandma Freaks At Tesla AutoPilot Demonstration

Grandma uses Tesla's AutoPilot

Grandma uses Tesla’s AutoPilot (Credit: YouTube)

Not everyone’s a fan of autonomous drive technology, especially the grandma in the video below. Her son got the poor woman, who’s 70 years old, behind the wheel of a Tesla Model S for the first time, then switched on AutoPilot. You have to feel sorry for the lady, while snickering at the same time.

You can see she’s completely terrified. After all, in her whole life she’s probably never just let the car take over on two-lane highway. As she’s panicking from behind the wheel, she’s pleading with her son to let her drive. That’s probably a really bad idea, because she’s so panicky she might veer into oncoming traffic.

Some people are just plain nervous drivers. Ironically, they’re the ones who need self-driving cars the most, but are the least trusting of the tech. It’s a problem Tesla and other automakers need to figure out, making everyone safer.

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