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Consumer Reports Cools Enthusiasm for Tesla Model S

(Credit: © Tesla)

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Consumer Reports Cools Enthusiasm for Tesla Model S

2012 Tesla Model S

2012 Tesla Model S (Credit: © Tesla)

In 2013, Consumer Reports sang loads of praise for the Tesla Model S, which has picked up a number of prestigious industry awards. This year, however, the song has changed, even if slightly. While the reviewers still praise the electric car for its wondrous performance and smooth character, they have also noted that it comes with its fair share of “quirks.”

The Model S that the company has had for a year so far has been driven for almost 16,000 miles. One of the biggest issues Consumer Reports ran into was when the large touchscreen that replaces what would be a center stack suddenly went blank. Considering that most functions are controlled with that screen, it was a serious problem. The fix involved doing a hard reset of the Model S, just like when a computer freezes up. Fortunately, Tesla took care of it free of charge, according to the vehicle’s warranty.

Another common problem was that the handles would not extend when people extended their hands toward the doors. Consumer Reports found through its surveys that many other Model S owners complain of the same problem, which leaves them trapped outside of the vehicle. The automaker was able to fix the problem remotely, instead of having the car towed to a service center.

Consumer Reports told CNBC that it experienced numerous other problems with the Tesla Model S, but didn’t go into detail about each one. Instead, the company’s representative emphasized that with a new car company such issues are to be expected. He also added that most Model S owners still cherish their car, despite experiencing some of the quirky problems.

In a statement Tesla Motors issued to CNBC, it said that it “considers service a top priority, and we err on the side of being proactive to ensure the best driving experience possible.That means we are particularly attentive in addressing potential issues, even if those appear to be very minor or have a low likelihood of causing any future problems.”

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