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Tesla Stops Production of the Model S

(Credit: Youtube)

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Tesla Stops Production of the Model S

Tesla Production Facility

Tesla Production Facility (Credit: Youtube)

Electric car company Tesla Motors has stopped production of the Model S, the car that has turned around what before was a rocky production record for the company. The reason for halting production is to allow for facility upgrades in preparation for assembling the newest vehicle, a crossover called the Model X.

In total, production will only be stopped at the Tesla factory for two weeks, which is actually a pretty tight window to set up for a new model’s production. During that time, $100 million worth of upgrades will be conducted at the facility. Among the improvements from the upgrades will be the addition of 25 new robots, which will allow the Model S and Model X to be manufactured on the same assembly line. The robots will help contribute to a quicker production time as the automaker predicts demand to pick up with the launch of the Model X in the market.

Once the upgrades have been finalized, Tesla says that production will be increase by a full 25 percent. The current manufacturing goal for the plant has been pegged at 1,000 units per week, which is 300 units greater than the goal from the first quarter of 2014.

One of the biggest hurdles the company has faced in the past has to do with production slowdowns. In addition to the large investment in its plant located in Fremont, California, Tesla plans to construct a humongous Gigafactory that will churn out an ample supply of lithium-ion batteries, which is a potential snag for the company as consumers demand more of its electric vehicles. When finished, the Gigafactory is estimated to cost about $5 billion to construct and will employ 6,500 people. Under the current plans, the facility would help cut production costs of lithium-ion batteries by 30 percent.

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