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San Diego Dune Buggy Driver Gets His Punishment

(Credit: YouTube)

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San Diego Dune Buggy Driver Gets His Punishment

San Diego Shark Attack screen capture

San Diego Shark Attack screen capture (Credit: YouTube)

Word to the wise: when shooting a video like Gymkhana, it helps if you get permission from the city first. That’s what Blake Wilkey of San Diego, California learned recently. After the video he and friends produced of him tearing through the city in his thoroughly modified VW Baja Beetle, which packs an amazing 800 horsepower punch.

As the guy’s fame skyrocketed online, the local cops caught wind of it, and they weren’t too happy about the whole thing. After tracking him down, prosecutors were going to throw a whopping 26 criminal charges against him, but in the end he got off relatively easy with only six. Now Wilkey’s doing 45 days in jail, plus a three-year stint of probation.

Adding insult to injury, his friends testified against him in court.

If you haven’t seen Urban Assault: San Diego Shark Attack yet, the video’s definitely entertaining, even if it’s irresponsible at the same time. So far, it’s racked up about 1.2 million views on YouTube.

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