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Fish Lovers Now Hate Jeep

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Fish Lovers Now Hate Jeep

Did you catch the Jeep commercial during the Super Bowl? If not, I’ve included it above, just in case. It featured the new Wrangler driving through a stream, and the fish lovers are now angry at Jeep.

Yes, the Ram commercial that “appropriated” Martin Luther King Jr.’s sermon through the permission of his estate was controversial, but so is Jeep’s “The Anti-Manifesto”. That’s impressive, because the commercial features hardly any words.

The Reno Gazette Journal, which I read faithfully every day, ran a story about Chris Wood, CEO of Trout Unlimited, and his displeasure with the Jeep commercial. Sure, there was a little disclaimer that the steam was actually a manmade water feature, but people who don’t know the difference or how to read tiny print had no idea. Now, they’re all going to run out, buy Jeeps, and start crashing through streams, murdering trout and their fish siblings wantonly.

I mean, that’s what I gathered from the article. Read it yourself and see what you think.

I’ve also gathered that people get offended about all sorts of things these days. Apparently, automakers should just run commercials where a car’s sitting in a parking lot and nobody is talking or shown on screen. Then, maybe, we could all not be offended. Maybe.

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