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With the Feds Out of the Way, the Diesel-Powered Colorado and Canyon Rolls Into Dealers

(Credit: Chevrolet)

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With the Feds Out of the Way, the Diesel-Powered Colorado and Canyon Rolls Into Dealers

2016 Chevrolet Colorado Duramax

2016 Chevrolet Colorado Duramax (Credit: Chevrolet)

The midsize pickup’s resurrection is in full force, as the Toyota Tacoma just received a full redesign, the Canyon and Colorado twins have been rebooted, and the Honda Ridgeline is primed for a reboot all its own. The most talked-about midsize pickup, however, is the one that no one has been able to get yet. I am talking about the diesel-powered Canyon and Colorado, of course.

These two pickups take all that is great about the midsize pickup segment and make it better. The diesel engine not only increases fuel economy, but it also adds much-needed torque to help with towing capacity. Unfortunately, GM’s midsize cargo haulers hit a snag earlier in the year, delaying their release. Today, however, GM has finally announced that the snags are all untangled and the diesel-powered pickups are heading to dealerships now.

The reason for the delay remains unknown, but we do know that the EPA stuck its nose into GM’s business following the dieselgate scandal that VW is still elbows deep in. The pickups were initially supposed to arrive in the fall of 2015, but additional testing by the Feds pushed that into November. GM claims that the delay was not related to EPA testing, but it did claim that it only impacts the diesel models.

Regardless of the reasoning for the delay, buyers will soon see their pre-ordered Colorados and Canyons finally arrive. Once the preorders are fulfilled, dealership lots should start filling too.

If any other updates pop up between now and the actual arrival of the twins we’ll certainly pass those on to you. Hopefully, this is the final bump in the road for this mighty midsize pickup.

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