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VW Is Screwing Up The Dieselgate Buyback Program Already

(Credit: Volkswagen)

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VW Is Screwing Up The Dieselgate Buyback Program Already

2015 Volkswagen Golf TDI engine

2015 Volkswagen Golf TDI engine (Credit: Volkswagen)

Remember how Volkswagen was going to make everything right and buy back all those ultra-polluting TDIs? Yeah, the brand’s pretty much mismanaged the situation, again, and TDI owners are understandably pissed.

Jalopnik first uncovered the problems with missed deadlines, uber-long telephone hold times, and TDI owners in general being treated like they’re the problem. If you’re frustrated with the buyback process, know it’s being addressed in court. We’ll see if a solution is found, but the situation isn’t being ignored.

Sadly, this isn’t surprising. Volkswagen has repeatedly mismanaged the whole Dieselgate situation. It tried playing the victim and casting the US government in the role of unjust aggressor. It tried to play dumb at one point. Digging by officials uncovered the full extent of the scandal, after VW said it had come completely clean. And coming up with an approved solution took a ridiculous amount of time. It really isn’t shocking VW is screwing things up again.

Basically, the gist of why VW is struggling to process the buybacks is that it didn’t expect so many people to log claims right as the program began. Really, Volkswagen? After making people sit in limbo for all that time, how could the company expect any other reaction? People want to dump their polluting TDI and get on with life.

This likely will continue to wear down Volkswagen’s public image. And it probably means some TDI owners who were considering another VW will go to other brands.

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