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Toyota Shows a New Face for FT-1 Concept

(Credit: © Toyota)

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Toyota Shows a New Face for FT-1 Concept

Toyota FT-1 Concept by Mcall's Motorworks

Toyota FT-1 Concept by Mcall’s Motorworks (Credit: © Toyota)

Toyota really made car enthusiasts and even the public in general stop and notice when it rolled out the FT-1 Concept at the last Detroit Auto Show. One of the top attractions of the car, other than its striking exterior, was the rumors that it previews the new Supra.

While nothing has been officially confirmed about exactly what Toyota will do with the FT-1, for now it seems to be having fun playing dress-up with the car. When it debuted in Detroit, the concept had a flashy red paint job and a black interior. When the car was shown off recently at the McCall’s Motorworks Revival held in Monterey, California, the automaker put on some more formal clothing. The exterior was painted a graphite color that was created by Calty Design Research, while the interior was also altered for a more upscale feel, thanks to a saddle leather upholstery that added more texture and a richer feel. Adding to the unique look of the interior were metal mesh inserts in the seats that are used for ventilation.

The designer who came up with both looks for the Toyota FT-1 said that she was inspired by modern superhero movies of all things when she came up with the appearance used at McCall’s Motorworks Revival. Instead of the loud, bright spandex costumes that were used in the comic books in the past, modern superhero costumes in movies have a more authentic look achieved through the use of texture. The design exercise proves that the FT-1 can take on many looks, which means it could appeal to a variety of buyers. That’s good news for enthusiasts, since strong marketability will help encourage Toyota to build a production version of the car.

Showing yet another look for the concept sports car, Calty has prepared an ultra-high-performance version that will be available to race in Gran Turismo 6. Gamers who download the digital car will see what it looks like as a track monster.

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