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The Lamborghini Urus Will Be Made In Italy

(Credit: Lamborghini )

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The Lamborghini Urus Will Be Made In Italy

Lamborghini Urus concept

Lamborghini Urus concept (Credit: Lamborghini )

The Lamborghini Urus is a model that’s been a long time coming, and everyone wants a piece of the luxury SUV. One of the first in line is the Italian government, which is throwing cash at Lamborghini to keep production inside the country.

It’s a smart move by the Italians, because the Urus will likely be a hot vehicle that will make the sales numbers from the Gallardo look like nothing. Industry analysts think it could generate another 300 jobs at Lambo’s production facilities around the country. Already, the company has a stellar reputation within Italy for being an excellent employer. Add to that the fact that Italy is in a recession at the moment, and it’s easy to understand why the government really wants to make things work.

As a whole, the Italian government’s incentive package to Lamborghini is reportedly valued at about 100 million euros. The time is now ripe to start pumping out luxury SUVs, thanks to the worldwide recession having rolled back in numerous countries, freeing people up to spend money and not learn anything from the past few years. In all honesty, I can’t criticize anyone for wanting to purchase the Urus, because it looks like it would be a pretty cool vehicle.

The anticipation of huge numbers of Urus models marching out of the factory has been generated by what I would call “The Porsche Cayenne Effect” where just about every luxury brand is looking to launch an SUV so it can continue making crazy cars that aren’t nearly as profitable.

SUVs have a certain appeal. After all, just try using your newly-purchased Lambo Huracan to take the misses and junior out to ice cream. Yeah, not good. But with the Urus, you’ll have room to take grandma along as well, plus junior’s huge stroller and other “essential” items.

Unlike the old LM002 that was build back in the 1980s, a model that is lovingly called the “Rambo Lambo,” the Urus will be more of a crossover. That means better on-road dynamics and not so much rock-crunching ability.

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