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The Challenger Hellcat Could Live On and Gain Some Ponies

(Credit: Dodge)

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The Challenger Hellcat Could Live On and Gain Some Ponies

2015 Dodge Challenger SRT Hellcat

2015 Dodge Challenger SRT Hellcat (Credit: Dodge)

The Dodge Challenger, while fun, does have its fair share of struggles when lined up against its main competitors, the Camaro and Mustang. The two latter models always were and continue to be lighter and nimbler than the larger Challenger, but this is likely to change with the 2019 release of the new, Alfa Romeo Giulia-based Challenger. And according to Automobile Magazine, this new generation will include an improved Hellcat model.

While the V-6 and HEMI V-8 versions of the Challenger were always expected to carry into the new Alfa-based Challenger lineup, the Hellcat model was rumored to last only one generation. This new report from Automobile claims that we’ll, once again, have the supercharged Hellcat model and it’ll see a power boost to at least 750 horsepower.

If this report proves to be true and the Challenger sees the sort of weight loss and chassis improvements we expect, the Camaro and Mustang are in for some sudden competition from Dodge. Sadly, this is little more than an unconfirmed report that appears to be mostly based on speculation, but it is a fun concept to consider for the time being.

Despite the awesome potential of a lighter, more powerful Challenger Hellcat, there are some potential issues to consider. The biggest issue will be the looming Corporate Average Fuel Economy laws set to dramatically limit the output potential of muscle cars in 2025. FCA will have some serious work ahead of it to make the Challenger (not just the Hellcat version) compliant, and I am not confident that the automaker is willing to sink the required cash into a low-volume niche vehicle like this.

We’ll keep an eye on this developing story and bring you more details as they roll out.

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