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Tesla Adds Ludicrous Mode For Model X

(Credit: Tesla Motors )

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Tesla Adds Ludicrous Mode For Model X

Tesla Model X prototype

Tesla Model X prototype (Credit: Tesla Motors )

Everyone is freaking out about Tesla’s new Ludicrous Mode for the Model S, which rockets the luxury electric sedan from 0 to 60 mph in a mere 2.8 seconds. While there are still some supercars that provide quicker acceleration, it’s a pretty impressive trick that rightfully is earning a considerable amount of respect.

The good news is that Tesla will be offering Ludicrous Mode for the Model X SUV. According to a recent report from Bloomberg, Elon Musk himself made the announcement. The CEO thinks that the larger crossover will be able to hit 60 mph from a standstill in only 3.3 seconds, which is pretty crazy. Musk admitted that he was just guessing since the company hasn’t tested out the vehicle’s acceleration yet. If he’s even close to the actual acceleration time, that’s just plain insane.

That kind of performance ability makes the Cayenne Turbo S and Mercedes GL63 AMG look a little slow. It also makes quite a few cars (not SUVs) that are made for performance look like they’re lightweights.

Of course, Tesla needs to deliver some pizazz with the Model X, because the crossover has been plagued with delays. The automaker still says that the vehicle will be on-time for its fall release, so hopefully that holds true. The Model S was also held up by multiple delays, just like the Roadster before it. Oh, and don’t even start talking about the battery-swapping stations.

To be fair, Tesla has been fighting an uphill battle from the beginning. Naysayers haven’t been in short supply, ranging from the Top Gear boys to various politicians and pundits. The company has established a growing network of Superchargers and is making movements into the energy storage business, but it still has a lot of ground to cover.

The launch of the Model X will be critical for Tesla, so prepare for plenty more hype as the crossover’s release date nears. And look for some hard numbers for its Ludicrous Mode, because they should be pretty amazing.

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