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Speculation Runs High for the BMW X7

(Credit: BMW)

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Speculation Runs High for the BMW X7

2014 BMW X5

2014 BMW X5 (Credit: BMW)

Right now, if you have more than five people you want to haul around yet still have to be behind the wheel of a BMW, the best you can do is an X5 with the third row, which isn’t exactly spacious or leaves much space for cargo. BMW knows how successful the Cadillac Escalade, Infiniti QX80 and Mercedes GL-Class are, which offer incredible amounts of passenger and cargo space. It has also confirmed that the X7, a vehicle that was pure rumor for so long, is actually going to be produced.

Not much is known about the large SUV (even though BMW insists it doesn’t build SUVs). The automaker is keeping a tight lid on details for the upcoming model, but that certainly isn’t keeping everyone from speculating. Autobild, which is a German car news outlet, production of the X7 will start up in the latter part of 2018 and will take place in the United States at the Spartanburg facility, which is located in South Carolina.

Autobild is also claiming to know about how much BMW is planning to charge for the X7. The price tag will be somewhere around 125,000 euros, at least in the European market. That’s about $160,000 USD, which is a pretty outrageous price tag when compared to the alternatives on the market. No word on if the price would be lower in the United States since the SUV will be constructed here. Production reportedly will be kept to somewhere around 40,000 to 50,000 units each year.

Another, not nearly as wild piece of speculation has to do with the platform for the new model. Supposedly it will be based on the new architecture that BMW announced not that long ago, sharing numerous parts with other X models to help keep production costs down. The X7 will also reportedly use the same engines as the X6.

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