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Lotus Now Offers a Factory Delivery Program

(Credit: Lotus)

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Lotus Now Offers a Factory Delivery Program

Lotus Factory Delivery Program

Lotus Factory Delivery Program (Credit: Lotus)

Lately, Lotus has been all over the map, from announcing that it might withdraw from the North American market altogether to stating that it will not be completely rolling back its presence in this region of the world. For those who are fans of the British automaker, there is another reason to consider purchasing one in the near future. A new factory delivery program allows customers to receive an exclusive tour of the storied production facility in Hethel, England where every Lotus has been crafted since 1967.

Not only can people see where their Evora, Exige or Elise was made, and meet with officials from the company, they enjoy some additional perks. A visit to the Lotus classic collection of vehicles is included, and a photographer takes pictures of the entire visit. At the end of the tour, the customer is presented with a personalized owner’s manual, a cover for their new car, and a signed Clive Chapman print.

If you think such an experience would be expensive, you would be surprised. Lotus says the factory delivery program starts at £832.50, which is about $1,330. Upgrading the package to include a visit to the company’s track and one-on-one time with a driving instructor increases the price to £999, or around $1,600, making it an incredible deal for true fans of the brand.

Quite a few other car companies have had factory delivery programs in place for some time. They not only help engender greater brand loyalty from enthusiasts, but provide additional revenue. Some other European delivery programs involve customers taking their new car on a trip around the continent.

With all the doom and gloom that has been hovering over Lotus for years now, this is a nice change of pace.

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