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BMW Announces Price Hikes on Thirty 2015 Models

(Credit: © BMW)

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BMW Announces Price Hikes on Thirty 2015 Models

2015 BMW X3

2015 BMW X3 (Credit: © BMW)

Price increases for inflation are inevitable in the automotive world. Rising fuel costs, increasing wages and higher component pricing all play their part to assure this upward trend rarely stops. However, automakers typically wait until a new model year to introduce price increases, and they often meet these hikes with added features to add value for buyers. That said, BMW is not your “typical” automaker, and it proves that once again with some oddly timed price hikes.

BMW’s 2015 model range is already available and has been for some time now, but effective October 1, 2014, the automaker will increase the MSRP of thirty 2015 model year vehicles by up to $400. The German automaker is calling these price adjustments “inflationary” in nature, and there are no added features included in these price increases.

There are seven models that jump by $100, and those include the 328i, 328i xDrive, 328d, 328d xDrive, X3 sDrive 28i, X3 xDrive 28i and X3 xDrive 28d. The models receiving a $200 increase include the 320i range, 328i Sports Wagon range, 528i range and the 328i Gran Turismo. The 335i range, ActiveHybrid 3, 535i range, 535d range and the ActiveHybrid 5 are all subject to a $250 increase. Finally, a $350 increase hits the entire 550i range and a $400 price hike hits the X3 xDrive 35i.

As much as I understand the need to increase prices with inflation, I cannot help but question BMW’s timing with these hikes. With all the bean counters checking the numbers before releasing MSRPs, I would think they would account for anticipated inflation before releasing a new model year vehicle.

So, if you were out looking at one of the listed models on September 30th but decided to wait a day, you’ll be greeted by a nice price increase today.

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