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Porsche CEO Admits the Panamera is Ugly

(Credit: Porsche)

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Porsche CEO Admits the Panamera is Ugly

2015 Porsche Panamera

2015 Porsche Panamera (Credit: Porsche)

Many have said that the Porsche Panamera has been hit with the ugly stick more than a few times, but up until now nobody high-level inside the company has voiced a consenting opinion. That’s changed now that Matthias Mueller, who is the CEO of Porsche, admitted that the “design could be better” during an interview with

Mueller called the ugly exterior of the Panamera part of some “small mistakes” with the model. Many Porsche faithful would disagree, calling the disastrous exterior anything but small. Does this language mean that the company isn’t taking a redesign of the sedan seriously?

During an interview with the same site, the company’s head of design Michael Mauer said that a new and improved look for the Panamera is already in the works. The new generation of the car looks better, since Mauer says doing that much is part of his basic duties as a designer. Among the changes is a revised roofline that is sleeker and more dramatic. It’s worth noting that the original design for the Panamera was penned under the direction of Mauer.

Perhaps the most tragic part of the unfortunate exterior the Panamera wears is the fact that it completely overshadows what is otherwise a quality vehicle. While it certainly is no 911 or Cayman, the Panamera comes with an incredibly luxurious interior and a road presence that is surprisingly solid.

Enthusiasts should be praying that the redesign of the Panamera goes well, because the sedan is a lucrative proposition for Porsche that will help fund future performance projects like a possible Cayman GT3. The car is especially important in the Chinese market, where large and highly luxurious sedans are incredibly popular right now. The model has enjoyed steady, but not blistering, sales in the United States market.

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