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Report: BMW Working On i5 And i7 Electric Cars

(Credit: BMW)

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Report: BMW Working On i5 And i7 Electric Cars

2015 BMW i8

2015 BMW i8 (Credit: BMW)

The Tesla Model S has a huge target painted on it right now, thanks to its position as a darling in the automotive industry. Among the companies that are preparing to knock the luxury sedan off its perch is BMW, which has already tinkered with electrification on models like the i3 and i8. According to a recent report from Car Magazine, the German automaker is readying an i5 and/or i7, which could be a worthy Model S killer.

The publication says that the new car will launch into the market in 2018 and will be created using the 5 Series’ architecture, or more specifically the long wheelbase model that was created for the Chinese market. The hope is that the F18 plug-in electric vehicle will be able to go toe-to-toe with the Model S when it comes to handling and acceleration, while still providing a luxurious and spacious cabin. Considering the sometimes questionable interior quality of the Model S and BMW’s track record, Tesla should have cause for concern.

Soon enough, BMW could be providing some confirmation of these rumors. Car Magazine says that a concept version of the new car will be revealed at the Frankfurt Motor Show this September. It also claims the car will come with a range-extending gasoline-powered engine that will work to recharge the battery as needed, like what can be had on the i3. One electric motor supposedly will propel the car and will be located in the rear. Total system output is rumored to be around 540 horsepower, which would potentially make the car insanely fast, but not quite on the level of the Model S P85D. Another juicy detail is that the driver will be able to send power to the rear or front wheels, or both for an all-wheel-drive experience.

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