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Opel Primes the World With a GT Concept Preview

(Credit: © Opel)

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Opel Primes the World With a GT Concept Preview

Opel GT Concept Teaser Image

Opel GT Concept Teaser Image (Credit: © Opel)

For the most part, Opel has continued unnoticed by U.S. buyers since its GT sports car bowed out of the American market in 1973 after a short stint at Buick dealers. The GT made a return in 2007 as Opel’s European-spec version of the Saturn Sky, but that fizzled out by 2010. Now, in 2016, Opel is once again working with the GT nameplate, but this time it is using it on a concept car.

This new concept will debut at the 2016 Geneva Auto Show, which runs from March 3rd through the 13th. To whet the appetites of sports car fans, Opel has revealed the first teaser image (above) and video (below) for the new GT.

Neither the video nor the image show too much about the concept, but they do give us a bit of an idea of what to expect. The teaser image shows off the concept’s center-mounted dual exhaust with the stylized “GT” badge splitting them, harking back to the 1965 Experimental GT from the brand. In the video, Opel shows off what looks to be a long nose—like the original GT—and a red tire up front, which pays homage to the to the Opel Motorcycle Motoclub 500, which had two red tires.

The specifics surrounding this concept remain uncertain for now. Rumors are circulating, however, and pointing toward this being a preview to a production model, despite Opel claiming this is just a design study. Reports from claim that the production model will be a front-driven sports coupe based on the same platform as the Astra hatchback. This would mean a range of three- and four-cylinder engines—none of which are overly impressive in terms of output.

The report continues to claim that the production Opel GT could arrive by 2018, marking the model’s 50th anniversary.

Stay tuned for more info.

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