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No Hypercar Coming From Mercedes-AMG

(Credit: Mercedes)

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No Hypercar Coming From Mercedes-AMG

Mercedes-AMG GT S

Mercedes-AMG GT S (Credit: Mercedes)

While the Mercedes-AMG GT is a great car and a legitimate threat to the venerable Porsche 911, don’t get your hopes up about a hypercar coming from the brand. A recent AutoBlog report confirms that such a vehicle isn’t on the horizon, and the news comes straight from Tobias Moers, the chairman of Mercedes-AMG.

Now, you can get your hopes up that Moers is lying to throw off the competition. No matter what automakers confirm or deny, there are always backroom deals, secretive developments and other cloak and dagger stuff that goes on – it’s part of the business.

Surely a hypercar would shine a bright spotlight on the Mercedes-AMG brand, but it seems to be doing fine without one at the moment. According to Moers, the big problem with such an endeavor is resources. More specifically, the brand’s engineers are simply too busy to take on such an involved project, because they’re hard at work on too many other vehicles.

In lieu of a hypercar only the hyper-wealthy can afford, AMG is working on more “mainstream” cars and SUVs. These will be more extreme versions of existing models, according to the report. A recent example of such projects are the new SL63 and SL65 AMG, which debuted at the Los Angeles Auto Show.

Moers also said that the line of GT models will grow, which right now boasts one model with one more on the way. If it follows in the footsteps on the Porsche 911, there could easily be a dozen different variants to address various price points and customer preferences.

Another project Moers confirmed is an AMG variant of the next-gen E-Class. He revealed that the driving dynamics of the new are taking the biggest leap forward in the car’s long history. That likely means the new AMG version will be incredibly extreme.

The simple fact is that while hypercars are loads of fun, they’re money drains. For example, Bugatti isn’t exactly flush with cash and is a financial strain on the Volkswagen Group, even though the Veyron and upcoming Chiron provide bragging rights. For now, it seems the Mercedes-AMG wants to keep the lights on and the doors open.

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