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Hyundai Lays Out More Details About the Genesis Lineup

(Credit: © Genesis)

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Hyundai Lays Out More Details About the Genesis Lineup

Genesis G90

Genesis G90 (Credit: © Genesis)

When Hyundai revealed that it will roll out a new luxury brand known as Genesis, I was taken aback a bit, but not completely surprised. The brand has steadily been working toward infiltrating the luxury segment with its Genesis Sedan and Equus, so the transition to a full-on luxury brand seems natural, but the details remained pretty murky until now.

Hyundai Motor America CEO, Dave Zuchowski, recently had a chat with Wards Auto, and during this conversation, he gave us a few more details on this new brand to help clear the waters a bit.

The first thing Zuchowski cleared up were the details behind how the Genesis brand will be distributed. The CEO said that only select Hyundai dealers will sell the Genesis, much like the Equus, but the details behind the requirements for earning the privilege to sell the premium brand remain unknown.

Genesis G90

Genesis G90 (Credit: © Genesis)

In addition to what dealers will get Genesis models, Zuchowski also cleared up the confusion regarding dealership setup. He made it clear that dealers looking to sell the Genesis lineup will not have to build separate facilities for the brand. Instead, he hopes to build a showroom within a showroom, much like Hyundai initially did with the Equus. Basically, the two showrooms will be under the same roof, but there will be a visual separation between Hyundai and Genesis.

The final bit of clarity the CEO laid out was in regards to the lineup itself. We already know that the G90 will be the first of the Genesis model to debut, and it will basically be a new-generation Equus. After that, there will be a midsize 3 Series competitor and a crossover based on the same chassis.

According to Hyundai’s initial estimates of six models by 2020, this leaves room for three more models, and some may be hoping for compact models. At this point, however, there are no plans to create a compact Genesis sedan or crossover.

We’ll learn more about the Genesis G90 and the other upcoming models at the 2016 Detroit Auto Show, which kicks off on January 11th. Stay tuned for more info.

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