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Miss Out on the Ford GT? You Now Have a Second Chance to Get One

(Credit: Ford)

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Miss Out on the Ford GT? You Now Have a Second Chance to Get One

Ford GT

Ford GT (Credit: Ford)

Unsurprisingly, the Ford GT was quite popular once Ford Performance opened up the application process as more than 7,000 people applied to buy one. Sadly, since Ford Performance limited its production to just 250 units per year for two years, there were a lot of people left with a GT-free garage. Now, Ford is trying to make right on this by extending the GT’s production.

According to a press release from Ford, it will tack on an additional two years of production starting in 2018. This will bring the total production to 1,000 vehicles over a span of four years. What’s more, folks who previously applied for the first run of GTs and didn’t make the cut only need to log back into their application and update their info once it reopens in early 2018.

While this is a great opportunity for those who wanted the GT but missed out, I am sure collectors who got the first run are a little peeved at this. Over the next few years, their collector car will go from 1 of 500 to 1 of 1,000, possibly having a large impact on its future value.

With that said, Ford Performance made it clear when it launched the application process that it was not looking for collectors. Instead, it wanted people who would actually drive the GT to be the proud owners of these outstanding American supercars. The last thing Ford wants is 500 trailer queens with owners that are more concerned with its value than how awesome is to drive. So, chances are that the selection process weeded out most of those who would take issue with the expanded production.

We’ll bring you updates as we near the opening of the order books for this second run of GTs. Stay tuned.

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