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Hint At Low-Cost Tesla Crossover Leaked

(Credit: Tesla Motors)

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Hint At Low-Cost Tesla Crossover Leaked

Tesla Model X

Tesla Model X (Credit: Tesla Motors)

Either Elon Musk just leaked a really important future detail, or he’s trolling everyone.

Recently, the CEO of Tesla Motors responded to a customer question on Twitter about whether the falcon doors from the new Model X will be used on a Model 3 crossover. Musk responded by saying that either the Model 3 or the Model Y would come with the dramatic doors.

The big problem is that up until now, nobody had heard of the Model Y.

After posting the tweets about the mysterious future Model Y, Musk or someone else deleted them. This has fueled speculation that the head of Tesla accidentally leaked details of a future vehicle the public wasn’t supposed to know about.

Currently, the official plan is to have the Model 3, an affordable electric sedan, on the market in the latter part of 2017. It’s a key product for Tesla, because it will have more mainstream appeal, thanks in large part to its lower price.

Most are assuming that the Model Y will be an affordable crossover vehicle, like a baby Model X of sorts. If true, the future Tesla model lineup will consist of Models S, 3, X and Y. Everyone knows what that spells. Either Musk is trolling everyone, or the company really is going to go ahead and make a Model Y, creating a model lineup that’s a truly creative acronym.

Showing that Tesla has a sense of humor, if not good legal counsel, the automaker tried to use the name Model E for the future budget-friendly sedan. Ford fought back, citing that it owns the trademark for the name. The next-best thing for Tesla to do was to turn that “E” around and make it a “3.”

If real, a Model Y could only further endear Tesla to the public. Right now, small crossovers are a hot item, with car shoppers snatching them up fast. The company could capitalize on that fact, making a lot of money and carving out a big niche in the market.

Or the whole thing could just be a S3XY joke.

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