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BMW M2 Video Apparently Features A Supermodel

(Credit: BMW)

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BMW M2 Video Apparently Features A Supermodel

BMW Eyes on Gigi

BMW Eyes on Gigi (Credit: BMW)

Apparently, the latest M2 commercial has a supermodel in it. To be honest, I have no idea who Gigi Hadid is, but BMW apparently thinks I should care. The gimmick is that she gets into one of several M2, and a version of the shell game starts up. At the end you guess which vehicle contains the supermodel.

Far more impressive is watching five M2s weave around each other flawlessly. There’s no camera trickery. BMW says it’s all one uncut shot, demonstrating just how agile the newest M car is.

For those who’re disappointed with the M4, the word is the M2 is the perfect cure. There’s talk of it being the “spiritual successor” to the 1 Series M. If that’s true, enthusiasts have reason to celebrate. Lately, BMW has become a little too concerned with all of the wrong things, forgetting what made the company truly great.

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