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Apple Rumored To Have Advanced Car Lab

(Credit: Apple)

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Apple Rumored To Have Advanced Car Lab

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Apple logo (Credit: Apple)

Apple is known for its super-secret ways when it comes to developing iPhones and such. If you believe a new report from AppleInsider, it’s employing some new tricks for creating an electric car that will rule the world.

A secret lab of 15-20 “top class” employees Apple poached from the German auto industry operates in Berlin. The word is they’re all young and don’t like the traditional restraints from their old bosses. Apple, being all progressive and nontraditional for a car company, apparently lets them do pretty much whatever.

This team exists mostly to help Apple crack into the German market. There’s no word if similar teams exist in other key markets like the UK, US and China.

A few other interesting claims were in the report. Don’t expect the first few versions of the Apple Car to be autonomous, because the company is still developing the tech. Also, it won’t be using dealerships, but instead will rely at least partly on a vehicle-sharing platform, kind of like BMW’s DriveNow or Daimler’s Car2Go.

The report lined up with other rumors that the tech giant will work with Magna Steyr for manufacturing. That’s likely true and is a smart move, because Apple doesn’t know the first thing about actually making cars.

The idea of an Apple car might fill you with rage or laughter. That’s understandable, because no respectable car enthusiast wants to drive a giant iPhone down the road. Still, whatever happens next could have a big impact on the industry.

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