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Apple Car Rendered

(Credit: TopSpeed)

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Apple Car Rendered

TopSpeed Apple iCar rendering

TopSpeed Apple iCar rendering (Credit: TopSpeed)

For quite some time now, the rumor’s been that Apple is creating a car. Some have laughed at the thought, thinking of a giant iPhone on wheels. Others think it would be another Tesla: too expensive for the masses and yet highly influential on the automotive industry.

TopSpeed has taken up the tall task of rendering what the iCar would look like. The result is something that’s far more exciting and attractive than renderings done by Motor Trend, Jalopnik, etc. Quite frankly, the fact that it doesn’t look like a high-tech suppository is an improvement over the other renderings.

It shouldn’t be a surprise that the Apple logo is displayed prominently. After all, the brand is popular and a status symbol for some. What is surprising about the rendering is the low and wide look of the iCar. In all honesty, it has almost a sporty quality about it, while at the same time avoiding any resemblance to the Tesla Model S.

The fact it’s a five-door hatch is great, because that would make the vehicle more practical. TopSpeed thinks it will be about the same size as a Toyota Prius v.

Interestingly enough, there are faux upper and lower grilles. The strange wings on the A-pillars actually contain sensors for autonomous drive functions. While the rendering’s color scheme is fairly basic, TopSpeed believes further customization options will be available.

For now, we’ll have to wait and see if Apple actually ends up building a car, or if that dream’s dead.

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