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007’s New Car Likely Previews the Next DB9

(Credit: © Aston Martin)

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007’s New Car Likely Previews the Next DB9

Aston Martin DB10

Aston Martin DB10 (Credit: © Aston Martin)

Though James Bond movies have used cars from numerous manufacturers over the years, ranging from the likes of AMC all the way up to Rolls-Royce, if there is one manufacturer you could label as the Bond car, it would have to be Aston Martin. With the newest Bond film Spectre in production, one of the many mysteries surrounding it include the type of car 007 will drive. Well, we can cross off one mystery, as it was just announced that our favorite spy will fight bad guys in an Aston Martin.

You may be wondering which Aston Martin; is it a Vanquish, maybe a DB9, or maybe Bond will go the family route and drive a Rapide S? Nope, none of those are right, as Bond will drive a car that doesn’t even exist yet: the DB10.

Though it is not a real model (yet), the DB10’s importance goes beyond hauling around Agent 007. Aston Martin has announced that the DB10 will indeed preview the future design direction of Aston. Reading into that claim makes me believe that we are actually looking at the concept version of the next-generation DB9.

My reasoning behind thinking this model is closer to a production model than Aston alludes to is its very production-friendly look and dimensions. It retains all the familiar Aston Martin cues, and seems almost like an evolution of the current DB9’s design. If this were simply a design study that happened to be in a film, I believe it would be a little wilder than what we’re seeing here. Honestly, the only part that I see not being production friendly is the super-short rear overhang. Everything else looks as if it is ready to roll off the assembly line tomorrow.

For Spectre, which is set to hit theaters on November 6, 2015, Aston Martin will produce 10 examples of the DB10. There is no mention of what will happen to these 10 examples once filming is complete, but chances are they will head to an auction house.

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