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Land Rover Celebrates 25 Years of the Disco With Owners’ Videos

(Credit: Land Rover )

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Land Rover Celebrates 25 Years of the Disco With Owners’ Videos

2015 Land Rover Discovery

2015 Land Rover Discovery (Credit: Land Rover )

The Land Rover Discovery (or Disco, as it’s lovingly called) is turning 25. While fans of the off-road vehicle are wondering where all the time has gone, Land Rover has put together an excellent video to celebrate the milestone. That video makes use of clips submitted by 70 different Disco owners, showing them thoroughly enjoying the vehicle out in the wild all over the world.

Through the anniversary video, people are seen laughing and stating how grateful they are that their Discovery was able to get them where they needed to go, including through some scary mountain passes and bridges that look unfit for any vehicle to safely cross. A variety of inclement weather types are also showcased, as you can see below. It’s a great way to show just how capable the SUV is, no matter if someone just needs to get to work in a bad snowstorm or has to traverse a dangerous swamp.

The submitted videos don’t all come from England. Over 1,000 people responded to the call for submissions, hailing from 36 different countries. In the end, the selected clips represent citizens of 24 countries, demonstrating the broad appeal of the Disco.

Discovery production surpassed the million units mark back in 2012. For those not aware, even though the Discovery nameplate hasn’t been present in the United States car market for a number of years, the LR3 and current LR4 are still called the Discovery pretty much everywhere else. With the launch of the next generation, the Discovery name will be used once more in the States. Instead of just a single model, the Discovery will become a family of vehicles like what is happening with the Range Rover. Already, Land Rover has unveiled the upcoming Discovery Sport, with more to come in the near future.

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