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Enough With the Concepts, Acura Finally Unveils the Production NSX

(Credit: © Acura)

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Enough With the Concepts, Acura Finally Unveils the Production NSX

2016 Acura NSX

2016 Acura NSX (Credit: © Acura)

Acura and Honda almost lost our attention with the insane number of concepts and teasers that it released of the upcoming NSX. It got so bad that some started wondering if the new supercar was little more than vaporware. Well, with the first day of the 2015 Detroit Auto Show in the books, we now know that this is not the case because we finally got to see the production version of the 2016 NSX.

Not all of the details are available yet, but Honda let us in on a good bit of the info. The basic look of the production NSX is nearly identical to the concept version, save for a few nips and tucks here and there. The signature side intakes are, of course, present on the production model, and a floating C-pillar helps direct air into the engine compartment and over the spoiler. Honda changed the drivetrain of the NSX slightly in the production model, going with a longitudinally mounted nine-speed, dual-clutch unit, so it had to stretch the car by three inches lengthwise and one inch widthwise when compared to the concept to accommodate the new cog-swapper.

2016 Acura NSX

2016 Acura NSX (Credit: © Acura)

The NSX is not the technical marvel of some supercars in terms of construction, but it has its fair share of high-end materials. Its space-frame design includes aluminum and high-strength steel, which is all underlined by a carbon-fiber floor.

Inside the cabin, the NSX boasts packaging that engages the driver with the car and enhances the experience. Exceptional visibility and class-leading ergonomics are just a few or the highlights of the new supercar. The NSX also boasts a TFT instrument panel that changes depending upon what mode the driver selects from the Integrated Dynamics System. In the center console is the Power button, which unleashes the powertrain’s full potential, giving the driver the ability to instantaneously make the NSX a supercar killer.

Sitting behind the seats is a 75-degree, DOHC, twin-turbocharged V-6 that makes use of dry-sump oiling and a compact valvetrain to help drop the center of gravity. The electric side of things includes a direct-drive electric motor between the engine and transmission to aid in acceleration, braking and transmission shifting, while two independent, high-output motors spin the front wheels. The total output of the NSX was not officially announced, but reports claim that a Honda executive said it’ll be more than 550 horsepower.
Underpinning the NSX is a fully independent, all-aluminum suspension system, while the corners are patrolled by 19 inch wheels up front and 20-inch wheels on the rear wrapped up in Continental ContiSportContact rubber. Doing the stopping are six-piston front monoblock calipers and four-piston rear monoblock calipers biting down on carbon-ceramic discs.

For drivers who like choices, the Integrated Dynamic System allows the driver to dial in his NSX through four modes. The “Quiet” mode forces the supercar to run only on the electric motor for short amounts of time and at lower speeds. “Sport” mode turns the gasoline engine on, enhances throttle response, and tightens everything up a bit while “Sport+” makes the throttle even more responsive, tightens the chassis, and enhances the sound of the engine. Finally, “Track” mode unleashes all the NSX has to offer.

The NSX will hit dealers later in 2015, but no precise release date was announced. Pricing also remains a mystery, but expect it to be well over $100k.

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