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The Opel GT Concept May Still Become a Production Model

(Credit: © Opel)

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The Opel GT Concept May Still Become a Production Model

Opel GT Concept

Opel GT Concept (Credit: © Opel)

Since debuting the GT Concept back in March, Vauxhall-Opel has been going back and forth on whether it will become a production model or not. A recent report indicates it may be back on a burner nearer to the front of Vauxhall-Opel’s stove.

Autocar had a talk with company chairman Karl-Thomas Neumann, and he said, “It’s a car we all love and the public love, so we really want to build it. The question is what the right approach is, so we are studying different directions we could follow.” While this isn’t a straight “yes, it’s coming,” it does show that the company’s giving it some consideration.

According to Neumann, the GT has an issue when it comes to the front-engine, rear-drive platform it requires to pull off its awesome appearance. Currently, there are no platforms it can use, so it either needs a “parts bin” platform (one cobbled together by parent company, GM) or an off-the-shelf platform (one built specifically for it).

Opel GT Concept

Opel GT Concept (Credit: © Opel)

Unfortunately, neither is in the cards for Opel by itself, but General Motors has a few relationships that could help. One that stands out is SAIC, which owns MG.

While MG is a shell of what it once was, sharing the technology and cost of the Opel GT could give the company the opportunity to resurrect the legendary MG B nameplate.

Of course, Neumann refused to comment on that possibility, but if the stars were to align properly, we could see two amazing vehicles come from this collaboration.

Stay tuned for updates.

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