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Toyota Shows Off Developing Heads-Up Display

(Credit: Toyota )

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Toyota Shows Off Developing Heads-Up Display

Lexus LF NX Concept

Lexus LF NX Concept (Credit: Toyota )

Lest you think that Toyota has gotten boring in its old age, the automaker has revealed that it is using its research & development might to create some cool tech, namely a revolutionary heads-up display. The system would provide three-dimensional aids for the driver on the windshield. The exciting technology is coming out of Silicon Valley, with help from engineers in San Francisco. Even better is the fact that the three-dimensional heads-up display is actually going to go to market, or in other words will be used in production vehicles in the near future.

Just like with the two-dimensional heads-up displays that are becoming more common on production cars, the three-dimensional system won’t require the driver to wear special glasses. Among the functions the system will perform are navigation with turn-by-turn directions, vehicle speed, and traffic alerts. A three-dimensional arrow appears in front of the driver, showing which way to go and even lengthening and shortening to indicate how far away a turn is.

The system will help blur the lines between real-world driving and video games. It will warn the driver of hazards that are outside of peripheral vision, almost giving a Spiderman-like sixth sense that will help with the avoidance of serious accidents. Also handy will be a function that highlights available parking spots, which can come seriously in handy when trying to navigate bustling downtown traffic and avoid cyclists plus pedestrians. The car even monitors who much time you have left on your parking meter, but unfortunately will not spew oil on parking attendants as they try to fill out a citation.

So when will the three-dimensional heads-up system launch on a production vehicle? For now, Toyota isn’t saying. When it does, the tech will no doubt be used in concert with the semi-autonomous features the automaker has already said will also launch in the near future.

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