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Lotus Pulls Last Street-Legal Model From the US

(Credit: Lotus)

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Lotus Pulls Last Street-Legal Model From the US

2014 Lotus Evora S

2014 Lotus Evora S (Credit: Lotus)

There was a time that Lotus was a vibrant automaker that represented Great Britain well. As with many things, that has come and gone, replaced by a company that is a mere shadow of its former self. Things are about to get worse for car enthusiasts on the other side of the pond, because Lotus is yanking the Evora from the U.S. auto market.

The writing was already on the wall for the Evora. Lotus was able to secure an exemption for the model that lasts 12 months, waiving the car from the requirement to be outfitted with smart airbags. Rather than re-engineer the model to meet the together U.S. safety standards, Lotus is taking its ball and going back home. That means that the 2014 Evora is it, the last street-legal Lotus model that will be sold in the country for the present being.

The Evora has been fraught with controversy since it was launched. The car is heavier than the Elise and Exige, departing from the old adage to “simplify and then add lightness.” As a result, hardcore enthusiasts were less than thrilled with the new model, even though it promised increased practicality and comfort. The small car failed to penetrate into the luxury market like the automaker had hoped.

You could say that the departure of the Evora is an excellent object lesson on how car companies forget entirely what has made them great, resulting in dismal sales. Before you despair and fret that Lotus is no more, remember that the company supposedly is working on at least two new street-legal models. Hopefully they will satisfy U.S. safety and emissions standards and will incorporate simplicity and lightness.

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