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Ford Works to Spread Surveillance Mode for Police and Military

(Credit: Ford )

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Ford Works to Spread Surveillance Mode for Police and Military

2014 Ford Police Interceptor

2014 Ford Police Interceptor (Credit: Ford )

If you aren’t a police officer or know one, you might not be aware that Ford has developed a rather simple yet brilliant surveillance mode technology that helps officers watch out for at least some sneak attacks. When the police pull someone over, there is an inherent risk, especially if another vehicle pulls up behind them.

The rearview camera on the law enforcement vehicle automatically detects when another vehicle pulls up behind it while parked, sounding a chime to alert the driver, rolling up the driver’s window, locking the doors and flashing the exterior lights. The idea is to not allow anyone to get the drop on a police officer who is filling out reports or doing something else that is too distracting to see what is happening.

Rather than just horde the technology to itself, which Ford could easily do since it has several patents pending on it, the automaker wants to share it with other companies with the idea that it becomes more common. This means that other automakers who make vehicles for law enforcement or the military can start to outfit them with the surveillance mode system, which will no longer give Ford that competitive advantage. The move could save officers’ lives, so instead of just pursuing a bigger chunk of the market Ford is doing the right thing.

The system can also be purchased separately and installed on existing vehicles, meaning that police and military vehicles of varying ages and brands can help protect against potential assailants.

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