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Techrules to Show Off a Super-Efficient 1,030-Horsepower Turbine Supercar in Geneva

(Credit: © Techrules)

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Techrules to Show Off a Super-Efficient 1,030-Horsepower Turbine Supercar in Geneva

Techrules Geneva Concept Teaser

Techrules Geneva Concept Teaser (Credit: © Techrules)

At every auto show, there is at least one new concept car from a relative unknown that blows everyone away. Unfortunately, these are often just vaporware and never make it to production. The latest concept to fit this mold is Techrules’ new turbine-hybrid supercar.

In terms of looks, all we have is the above teaser image that shows off a sloped nose and aggressive headlights. The company did, however, give us plenty of info on the concept’s unique powertrain.

Under its hood, Techrules’ concept will use a group of small turbines as a generator that provides juice to a battery that fuels the electric motors. Combined, the electric motors—I assume there will be one motor for each wheel—produce 1,030 horsepower and likely gobs of immediately available torque. Techrules also claims that this system has a range of more than 2,000 km (1,242.7 miles) on a full tank of fuel and a full charge.

Some of you may remember early turbine cars that were powerful but were ultimately unsuccessful because of their efficiency and lag issues. This one is different because the turbines don’t power the wheels. Instead, they simply create electricity for an electric-drive system, meaning they run in a far more efficient cycle than turbine engines that actually power the vehicle.

This technology is quite similar to what Jaguar used in its C-X75 concept car. Unfortunately, the recession killed the 780-horsepower concept’s chances of production but it did show that this sort of tech was possible.

While turbine cars are likely still a long way off, new hybrid technology is showing that they are very much a possibility. We’ll learn more about the latest developments in this area once Techrules’ concept debuts on March 1st, so keep it locked here for the latest.

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