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Sinkhole Corvette To Be Replaced by Donated Model

(Credit: National Corvette Museum)

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Sinkhole Corvette To Be Replaced by Donated Model

Corvette Donated

Corvette Donated (Credit: National Corvette Museum)

After the unfortunate turn of events that led to eight rare Corvettes plunging into a sink hole that opened up under the Corvette Museum, and the cars’ subsequent recovery from the hole, there has been considerable debate among Corvette enthusiasts about what should be done with the cars. Some believe that the damaged cars should be kept as they are, remaining a tribute to an event that should be remembered and not forgotten. Others have pushed for all of the Corvettes to be completely restored, no matter how extensive the damage. The decision on one of the cars has become easier to make, thanks to a new donor.

According to the Corvette Museum’s blog, Lynda Patterson realized that the 1993 40th Anniversary Ruby Red Corvette that was one of the eight to go down the hole, and was severely damaged, matched her own C4 Corvette perfectly, right down to the paint color. Instead of simply watching the destruction done to the cars by Mother Nature, Patterson decided to step forward and offer to donate her prized Corvette to the museum.

Making the decision to donate the car to the Corvette Museum an even more personal one was the fact that Patterson used to drive in it with her late husband, Mike, meaning an incredible amount of intrinsic value is embedded in the convertible car. Apparently, donating the car to the museum was something the couple had discussed before, but the issue of the sinkhole pushed it back to the forefront of Patterson’s mind. While the decision was not easy, it allows the old owners to spread joy to the crowds that visit the museum each year.

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