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Report: Audi Looking To Pump Up The New S4

(Credit: Audi)

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Report: Audi Looking To Pump Up The New S4

2015 Audi S4

2015 Audi S4 (Credit: Audi)

Audi is looking to pump up the next S4 performance sedan, according to a new report from Car and Driver. The automotive publication discovered in 2014 that the S3 actually outperformed the B8 S4. It was an embarrassing revelation, considering that the S3 has a smaller engine that puts out less power, and is supposed to be the little brother to the S4.

Thanks to the uncomfortable position Audi has found itself in, the next Audi S4 will reportedly be beefier than ever before. Supposedly, the new vehicle will still pack a V-6 engine, which will be based on the supercharged V-6 the previous generation used. Some rumors have been flying around that the car will use a tuned-down version of the V-6 that’s nestled under the hood of the RS4, but that’s apparently heresy.

Car and Driver is anticipating a power increase that will boost peak output up to at least 350 horsepower. The move not only will help create some distance between the S4 and S3, it should also be more than what will be available with the new BMW 340i. The Germans love to outdo each other, so BMW could respond by upping the ante even further.

There’s some question about whether the next S4 will be available with a manual transmission, thanks to diminishing demand. It’d be a shame if yet another performance vehicle went the way of the automatic, but that’s been the trend lately. Instead, expect an S tronic seven-speed dual-clutch automatic. Quattro will be standard. The report also stated that an Avant version will be made, but likely won’t ever hit the United States, because of a lack of market demand.

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