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Porsche to Debut the Cayman GT4 in Real Racing 3

(Credit: © EA Games)

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Porsche to Debut the Cayman GT4 in Real Racing 3

Porsche Cayman GT4 Teaser Real Racing 3

Porsche Cayman GT4 Teaser Real Racing 3 (Credit: © EA Games)

The Porsche Cayman GT4 has been one of the German sports car manufacturer’s worst-kept secrets in recent years. Not only has it been caught testing numerous times, but it also slipped up and revealed the name of the car on its own website. Whether or not these “slip ups” were by accident or on purpose to help fuel speculation and demand is up for debate, but the excitement behind Porsche finally releasing a Cayman that is at its full potential is not to be debated.

Typically, when an automaker reveals a new car at the level of the Cayman GT4, it will do so at a prestigious auto show or even in a massively successful video game, but Porsche is doing things a bit differently. Instead of going the typical route, the Stuttgart-based automaker will apparently reveal the Cayman in EA Games’ Real Racing 3. Now, I am not slighting RR3 in any way, it is one of the best car-racing apps around, but it is certainly not a Gran Turismo 6 or a Forza Motorsports.

This report comes by way of World Car Fans and a screenshot of a teaser image from the game itself that clearly shows the upper half of a Cayman. Above the image is a short message that reads “Participate in the unveiling of a stunning new sports car. Take it on a global press tour, then take one home!” Of course, by “take one home” it means in your virtual garage in the game…

Nowhere in this teaser image does it say that this is the Cayman GT4, but that is the only special version of the mid-engine coupe that I know is on the way. So chances are, that is exactly what we’re about to see. I play RR3 on occasion, and I guess I now have to play it almost daily to see what the GT4 has in store. I will bring you a full update once they release the car in full.

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