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Mercedes to Start Spreading the Maybach Name Around

(Credit: © Mercedes Benz)

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Mercedes to Start Spreading the Maybach Name Around

2011 Maybach

2011 Maybach (Credit: © Mercedes Benz)

Remember when the Maybach died a slow, horrible, and largely irrelevant death? Likely not, because most people could not even begin to afford the large, opulent luxury sedan. Since then times have changed, and it seems that Mercedes feels there is some value to be exploited from the Maybach name.

According to multiple sources, the car company will start using Maybach as a line of ultra-luxury versions of regular production models. First up will be a stretched version of the S-Class sedan, which will be bringing obnoxious levels of luxury to the roads starting at the end of 2014.

While nothing has been officially confirmed, more Maybach models will surely follow in the near future. One of the most rumored moves is a ultra-luxury version of the GL-Class sport utility model, which already provides excellent levels of comfort for occupants on three rather larger rows of seating. The SUV model would also go head-to-head against new SUVs from Bentley, Rolls-Royce and Maserati as car shoppers vie for the vehicle that will turn the most heads.

Naturally, there will be some exterior modifications to the Maybach models, just so nobody would dare to mistake someone for driving just a common Mercedes-Benz vehicle. Some increased safety features will likely be added, along with plenty of high-end interior finishes, which will undoubtedly rely on some of the rarest and most sought-after materials in the world. The rear seats will also probably be more like mobile offices, since we all know that the owners will never sit up front.

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