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VIDEO: New Shelby Mustang is Spied Testing at the Nurburgring

(Credit: Youtube)

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VIDEO: New Shelby Mustang is Spied Testing at the Nurburgring

2016 Ford Mustang SVT Spied During Testing

2016 Ford Mustang SVT Spied During Testing (Credit: Youtube)

Ford has been keeping a pretty tight lid on the upcoming Shelby model, which supposedly will be an SVT Shelby GT350. In classic Ford fashion, when the car has been spotted in public it is seen wearing full camo that includes quite a few obscuring elements. Considering the lengths that the automaker went to disguise the true shape of the 2015 Mustang fastback, there are quite a few possibilities about what the production version of the new car will look like.

Before, car spies caught the new Shelby taking off out of a parking lot, revealing a mean exhaust note. Now, everyone has been treated to several minutes of video showing the car power through turns on the Nurburgring in Germany, a track that automakers often use to push prototypes to their performance edge.

Not only does the new Shelby GT350 sound mean, in the video it shows what the car can do with its new independent rear suspension setup. Under the camouflaging wrap one can make out numerous splitters and other aerodynamic aids that no doubt also help the car handle the track’s notorious turns with powerful grace. So much for the Mustang being a notoriously sloppy handler.

There are quite a few questions about the new super-Mustang model. After Dodge revealed that the 2015 Challenger SRT Hellcat has enough power to make it the most powerful production muscle car ever, some are speculating that Ford just might have a vehicle that can match that, or maybe even best the Hellcat. In fact, the V8 engine that will power the new Shelby has been termed “Voodoo” for its possibly magical performance capabilities.

Whatever kind of output the new car’s engine puts out, from the looks of the video it will likely be able to turn circles around the Dodge on a tight course. And so the pony cars war rages on!

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