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Ford Creates Completely Mystifying Mustang Commercial (Video)

(Credit: Youtube)

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Ford Creates Completely Mystifying Mustang Commercial (Video)

Ford Commercial

Ford Commercial (Credit: Youtube)

Quite a few strange car commercials have been produced throughout the ages, but Ford has outdone them all with a new commercial for the 2015 Mustang. Instead of showing the car shredding back tires or speeding down Route 66, or even models lounging all over it while the car is refueled at a rural gas station, Ford instead decided to create a commercial that is so incredibly weird, everyone is talking about it.

Perhaps the strategy is brilliant, because as the saying goes, any exposure is good exposure. It’s hard to see how exposure for the all-new Mustang is good in the video.

For a reason nobody quite understands, Ford decided to pair the new Mustang with dancers adorned in the worst 80s workout gear under the sun. We’re talking about enough sweat bands to put Richard Simmons to shame, high side ponytails, jumpsuits, and mid-drift tank tops on men. These are the relics of the 1980s that were never supposed to be dug up again, yet Ford shoves them out in plain view, all together.

In the commercial, cheesy 80s-like music plays in the background as five men and five women face off in a dance competition in a small American town. A crowd of interesting characters cheers them on. Finally, the two groups start dancing together, making the crown go wild.

Of course, the commercial is being used by Chevrolet Camaro fans as evidence that Mustangs are driven exclusively by girls. Then again, Camaro fans use anything related to the Mustang to “prove” this theory, including the movie Bullitt.

Watch the commercial for yourself, but be warned that the song will be stuck in your head for the rest of the day, and you likely will have to wash your eyes out with soap, or maybe even borax.

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