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A Pickup Truck Based On The Wrangler Might Be Coming

(Credit: Jeep)

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A Pickup Truck Based On The Wrangler Might Be Coming

Jeep J-12 concept

Jeep J-12 concept (Credit: Jeep)

Over and over, Jeep fans have been teased with the concept of having a pickup truck that’s based on the Wrangler. It’s a compelling idea, combining the off-road chops of the established model with the added utility of a cargo bed. Owners could use the vehicle to haul stuff around town, plus it would come in handy with stowing necessary gear during an outdoor journey.

According to a recent report from Automotive News, the Wrangler-based truck just might actually happen. Maybe. During the now-famous dealer meeting Fiat Chrysler held in Las Vegas, the automaker teased that by as early as 2018, a midsize pickup that’s based on the Wrangler could hit the market. The report also said that the truck would have the same suspension and powertrains available, plus would have a short bed.

In the past, Jeep has done its fair share of teasing its own fans. The company put in display the Gladiator concept, whipping people into a fever as they speculated way back in 2005 that a pickup truck model was on its way. For the Jeep Easter Safari in Moab back in 2009, the company rolled out the JT concept, getting everyone excited again. Then it built the J-12 concept, which showed off a retro-cool version of the Wagoneer, mixed with the J-series. Each time, Wrangler fans lusted after the possibilities.

Many people probably don’t already know, but some aftermarket suppliers have actually created kits to convert a Wrangler into a pickup truck. Now it seems that such modifications won’t be necessary.

A new generation of the Jeep Wrangler is on its way, which makes for a perfect opportunity to launch the new version of America’s favorite off-roader. Fiat Chrysler has been churning out some crazy vehicles lately, so at this point a Wrangler-based pickup seems quite possible.

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