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Watch The Secret New Toyota Supra Play On The ‘Ring

(Credit: YouTube)

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Watch The Secret New Toyota Supra Play On The ‘Ring

Plenty of questions surround the “secret” Supra development. Everyone knows the car is coming, but Toyota won’t even admit to it, and it was MIA in Tokyo this year. Fortunately, we have the video above, which shows the latest excursion at the Nurburgring.

This time, you can clearly hear the turbo spool at the beginning, putting to rest ridiculous claims made by a few misguided souls that this car will be naturally aspirated.

If you’re particularly perceptive, you’ll notice during this test Supra is wearing the least amount of camo yet. That means the development process is pretty far along. If you look closely enough amidst the swirls, you can see the final product doesn’t line up with the Toyota FT-1 Concept’s design. From what I can see, this looks less zany, which is great.

If I had to guess, I’d say the Supra will be a 2019 model. That means a reveal sometime next year, maybe even in Detroit. We’ll see. One of the latest rumors that seems plausible is that the Supra will be a Gazoo model, and might not even wear a Toyota badge. It’s possible, I guess.

Some people claim what you hear under the hood is a turbocharged 2.0-liter four-cylinder from BMW. Supposedly, peak output is somewhere around 350 horsepower. Again, that’s possible, but I’m not sure how probable it is that Toyota won’t use a proprietary engine.

The Supra reveal can’t come soon enough!

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