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Watch A Stock McLaren 720S Go Sub 10 Seconds In The Quarter Mile

(Credit: YouTube)

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Watch A Stock McLaren 720S Go Sub 10 Seconds In The Quarter Mile

Having a 10-second car is a thing of legend. You can credit Vin Diesel for talking up such an achievement, but that doesn’t cheapen how impressive it is to reach that point. McLaren has beat that right out of the gate with the 720S.

The McLaren 720S is mind-blowingly fast. It embarrasses the Tesla Model S P100D, something EV fanboys hate. At the same time, the supercar hugs turns, making it great for hot laps at the track. It also is friendly enough you could drive it every day (at least, I could, if I could afford one).

Drag Times, a popular drag racing channel on YouTube, decided to see how quickly the 720S can rip through the quarter mile. It’s pretty amazing to see the supercar run a 9:98 at 141 mph, showing that McLaren has made one incredible machine.

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