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Watch A Production-Spec Honda Civic Type R In Action

(Credit: YouTube)

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Watch A Production-Spec Honda Civic Type R In Action

Excitement is high for Honda fanboys as the Civic Type R is about to reach US shores for the first time. Some people have doubted Honda will get the car to showrooms this spring, but it seems that might be a realistic timeframe after all.

YouTube user Zach Herder posted a video of a Civic Type R being driven somewhere north of Los Angeles, in the Angeles National Forest area. The car has manufacturer plates and looks to be a production model, not a prototype.

While the audio isn’t the best, you do hear some rasp from the turbocharged VTEC four-banger as the super Civic takes off. The guy driving it is older, and probably some higher up at the Honda North America headquarters that isn’t too far away.

So if you’re wondering what the production-spec model looks like, this is probably it. I’m sure we’ll see plenty of closeups in New York.

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