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Volkswagen Reveals Freaky 3-D Screen

(Credit: Volkswagen)

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Volkswagen Reveals Freaky 3-D Screen

Volksagen display concept

Volksagen display concept (Credit: Volkswagen)

We always see weird stuff at CES, like the wine bottle with a digital screen from a few years ago. The show’s become popular with automakers, and this time around Volkswagen has really gotten in on the action.

Of particular interest is a new 3-D screen technology that quite frankly looks freaky, but in a good sort of way. It’s the next step in VW’s Digital Cockpit project.

Basically, to create the 3-D effect, Volkswagen puts one screen behind another. What you see is depth, instead of flat icons. Hopefully, this presentation means you won’t be frustrated with crappy infotainment menus.

Another cool innovation is the AR Head-up Display. It actually projects graphics virtually ahead of the car. More vital info is projected out a few meters in front, while other things like audio system alerts are shown closer. This is supposed to cut down on distractions, but not being able to look away from alerts sounds like it could do the opposite.

Like BMW and others, Volkswagen is also working on tracking where drivers look. The idea VW has is to not show as much on screens when the driver is looking elsewhere. It would reduce distractions, so you can focus on the road better.

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