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Check Out This Steam Powered Jeep

(Credit: Hauk Designs )

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Check Out This Steam Powered Jeep

A lot of people are excited about the possibility of getting a diesel-powered Jeep Wrangler JL, but Hauk Designs has done one better. The Pennsylvania-based off-roader fabricator recently unveiled the Loco Hulk. Basically, it’s a Wrangler Unlimited JK that uses a steam engine.

Not only does this JKU run on steam power, it also has six wheels, making it look that much more like a locomotive. At the heart of this machine is a 100ci V-4 single-acting, trunk-piston, poppet-valve uniflow steam engine. Hooked up to that is a NSG370 6-speed manual transmission.

The broiler gets water from three pumps, which sounds like a lot, but I’m not a steam engine expert. It takes six batteries and six constant duty solenoids to run all that. If you fill the 55-gallon tank all the way, this thing has an amazing range of 1 to 1.5 miles, at 30 to 35 mph. Yeah, it’s not very practical.

Really, this is just a fun vehicle for shows. Enjoy it for what Loco Hulk is, and nothing more. Besides, it even has a steam whistle, and who doesn’t love that?

Steven has been writing about cars and other transportation issues worldwide for over ten years. His love for cars started long before he can remember, with Corvettes and 911s being his first car-crushes. Since then, he has owned many types of vehicles and has come to appreciate a wide variety of models, the diverse car culture groups, and the automotive industry in general.


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