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Smart Is Ditching Combustion Engines Forever

(Credit: Daimler)

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Smart Is Ditching Combustion Engines Forever

Smart’s always been a different kind of car brand, one geared at people who hate spending money on gas. In that vein, Smart reportedly ditch combustion engines forever, going all-electric. This is according to German magazine Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung.

This move only affects the North American market, where we have a bigger appetite for electric cars.

Supposedly, this news was leaked via a letter from Mercedes-Benz to dealers in the United States. If the report is accurate, and nothing indicates it’s not, you’ll see the last Smarts with combustion engines at dealers this September. This isn’t some long transition that will happen several years in the future.

Last year, just over 10 percent of Smart’s sales were electric cars, so this is a daring move. With more models in the microcar segment and consumer interest in SUVs surging, Smart must feel going niche will keep it relevant.

The current Smart Fortwo Electric Drive can go 75 miles on a single charge. That’s hardly a stellar number, but most people don’t take the city car out on the open road. There’s no word on if Daimler is looking to improve range immediately.

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