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See A BMW M2 Spank A Ford Mustang

(Credit: YouTube)

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See A BMW M2 Spank A Ford Mustang

Thanks to EVO, we finally know that the BMW M2 can totally spank a Ford Mustang GT on the drag strip. That’s funny, because the American muscle car with its 5.0-liter V-8, which hammers out a thunderous 435 horsepower, is supposed to be a drag strip champ.

Supposedly, the M2’s claim to fame is its maneuverability. Well, the video above proves that the Bimmer is also quick in a straight line. The car only packs 365 horsepower, so why does it win so handily?

It’s true the M2 weighs about 200 pounds less. That’s not enough to make it quicker, at least not alone. The real key to the BMW’s success is the 7-speed dual clutch transmission, which has a slick launch control feature. The system optimizes throttle output, while the tranny switches gears faster than a human can. It’s true that the Mustang GT has launch control, but having to shift gears manually is a disadvantage.

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