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Nissan Hypes Up the New LEAF’s Aerodynamics

(Credit: © Nissan)

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Nissan Hypes Up the New LEAF’s Aerodynamics

To make a truly efficient electric vehicle, there are many factors that come into play. The obvious ones are weight, battery capacity, motor efficiency, and charging capabilities. But one is sometimes overlooked by the general public. I’m talking about aerodynamics: A car’s ability to slice through the air.

Recently, Nissan talked about aerodynamics in relation to its upcoming LEAF.

The current LEAF, which is getting quite long in the tooth, is actually one of the least aerodynamically efficient models in the EV bunch at 0.32 Cd. Compared to the Volt and the Tesla Model S at 0.24 and 0.28, respectively, the LEAF seems virtually flat-faced.

My guess is that this was a huge point for Nissan in the new LEAF, as it released an entire presser highlighting how slippery this new EV is. According to Nissan, the LEAF’s design is inspired by an airplane wing, giving it symmetrical airflow to help it slice its way through those nitrogen and oxygen molecules.

Nissan also mentions the new LEAF is lower to the ground, helping the wind slide over and produce zero lift for better stability at higher speeds.

Unfortunately, there is no mention of its exact aerodynamic efficiency, but I would assume it will end up in the same range as the Bolt and Model S.

Stay tuned for updates as we approach the new LEAF’s Sept. 6 premier.

After years of handling problem cars in repair shops, Justin regained his love for cars by writing about them. Many years later and countless hours of banging on the keys trying for formulate sentences that actually make sense, he has managed to parlay a hobby into a career. Justin is a bit of a petrol-head and has a severe weakness for lightweight sports cars and insanely powerful supercars.


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