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New Toyota Supra Could Be A Weakling

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New Toyota Supra Could Be A Weakling

If you believe a supposedly leaked internal document from BMW, the new Toyota Supra will be a bit of a weakling. Supra fanatic website posted the leak. To be upfront, the info in it could be all wrong, because it’s been around for several months, meaning it might not be accurate anymore. After all, the Supra and mysterious Bimmer roadster are both still in progress, so specs can change quickly.

Some people think the leaked document is just completely fake. After all, it references the X7, plus an X3 with a manual transmission. Sounds fishy, but whatever.

The big takeaway here is that the Supra’s 6-cylinder engine supposedly will only kick out 335 horsepower. Yeah, that’s not much, considering the new Camry with the 3.5-liter V-6 puts out 301 horsepower. Could Toyota be that dumb? Yeah, sadly, it’s possible. It’s also possible this whole report is bull, but that’s how automotive industry rumors go.

Choosing the 4-cylinder engine for the Toyota Supra supposedly means you only get 248 horsepower. After all this time waiting for an explosive return of the Supra, this better not be what Toyota has in store.

Interestingly, there’s zero mention of a hybrid Supra. That could be coming down the pipeline later, because Toyota’s the kind of hybrid powertrains.

Everyone’s freaking out about the document “proving” that there won’t be a manual transmission available for the Supra. I called this a while ago, because Toyota can sometimes do cruel things, and this is one of them.

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