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Check Out This All-Motor 330 Horsepower Honda Civic

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Check Out This All-Motor 330 Horsepower Honda Civic

Let’s be honest: the Honda Civic isn’t known for being much of a performer unless it has a serious forced induction system strapped on. That’s what makes this 2007 Civic Si so impressive. It’s an all-motor build, and pushes out a peak 330 horsepower.

The amazing work for this Honda was done by Emmanuel Burciaga of NA Performance. It doesn’t have some huge V-6 stuffed under the hood, but instead is running a 2.5-liter stroker four-banger.

Watching the video above, you can hear Emmanuel tick off all of the upgraded parts included in this engine. Basically, nothing’s stock. There are even some bespoke components, like the throttle body and intake manifold.

According to Burciaga, with racing slicks installed and the rear seats yanked out, this car can do the quarter mile in 11.3 seconds. Yeah, it’s not a 10-second car, but it’s a Civic for crying out loud!

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